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In our never-ending search for ways to increase the visability of this blog, I came upon something called (from ). Basically vigorex forte, it looks like a directory of the "" bloggers love to write on a lazy sunday. You can also request submissions where if you are even more lazy, you can ask other people to hunt down all the great posts for you. Talk about my ultimate dream tool. So I have signed up [vigorex forte] the fox to this service to see what it can do. The tool itself is not that great looking, but that does not vigorex forte mean that it doesn't work. Once you sign up, you get a main page for your blog that hosts your 'carnivals'. The foximus Carnival is . As you can see, it shows you information on the current link post, or carnival and you also can view all the past editions. You can also submit an article or post that you think should be included in the next edition. Nice idea, hopefully it will bring in some results. Vigorex forte i will write a summary of the results in a month after i have time to play with the tool. If you have used this and have some tips, or know of any other tools I can check out, please .

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