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Vrikshamla 60 capsule bottle $526.00 household savings rates have plummeted over the last few decades, which makes you wonder – what are we teaching our children about saving? it often seems as though more children have cell phones than college savings accounts. But it’s never too early to start saving. The key to teaching young children about saving is easy: make it fun. For very young children, a classic piggy bank works well. You can help them accumulate pocket change and make a special activity out of counting out the coins and taking them to the bank to deposit into their [vrikshamla 60 capsule bottle $526.00] very own savings account. Or you could take the piggy bank to the automatic change machines and have the counting done for you. With older children, it’s a little more difficult, especially if they’ve gotten used to the idea of Mom or Dad as ATM. You’ll have to establish limits and teach your children that if they want something, it’s their responsibility to earn it. Start with a good, old fashioned allowance. You could give your child $1 per year of age vrikshamla 60 capsule bottle $526.00, or a set amount, like $10 a week. Then you have to decide what you expect your child to use this money for. Allowance can just be “fun” money – the funds they can spend on whatever they want (within reason) from comic books to music downloads. If you’re giving an allowance this way, it’s important not to cave and whip out a credit card every time little Maggie wants a new video game or the latest iPod. Those big-ticket items are the perfect tool for teaching saving skills. Next time your child asks for something that costs more than say $50, sit down together and create a savings plan. Make a list of the items she usually buys each week with her allowance and subtract them from the total allowance given. Then, divide the cost of the item by the allowance “remainder” and you’ll have the number of weeks it’ll take her to save up for the item. Watch her face as she realizes that because she spends $9 of her $10 allowance each week, it’ll take her 299 weeks (or almost six years!) to save up enough money for that iPod. Once you’ve consoled her, reassure her that there is in fact a way to reach her goal quicker – by saving more money each week. Help her select areas in which to trim her spending: does she really need to download so many vrikshamla 60 capsule bottle $526.00 new songs each week? Couldn’t she get by with fewer candy bars? You can even offer to help her out by “hiring” her to do extra chores. With teenage kids, you can also try giving them a budget for clothing, too. They might not be so interested in those designer duds when they have to decide between four moderately-priced outfits or a single expensive one.

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