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August 3rd, 2009 @7:17 pm  

I think the paper-free element of online banking is the best but probably least appreciated aspect in the discussion. Sure it’s nice to not have to make a full errand around a trip to the bank, but saving the literally hundreds of statements a person gets really does make a difference in the long term. I think legislation is even a good idea to force banks to put more emphasis on paper-free accounts. The amount of paper that gets wasted each year on banking transactions, redundant magazines, and the rest, is a minor tragedy.

August 5th, 2009 @8:17 am  

Your tips are very handful and I find the article interesting. But I must say that recent months I have doubts even for big national banks that could not ever face possibility of financial troubles… but I know that they can. In nowadays crisis everything is possible and race of bankers to earn as much as it is possible forces them to make stupid decisions from time to time and one that decision could cost me savings of my whole life.

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