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How to live frugally and sensibly Most of us are trying to figure out how to live frugally these days due to the ongoing recession that seems to be affecting everyone, not just the poor, but even the well to do that have to cut back on some of their luxury lifestyles. No matter how frugally you have to live, there are certain basic necessities you just cannot afford to forget. There are those who don’t spend on what they need but some how or other zantac 150mg pills $115.00, manage to spend on what they want whether it is really necessary or not. Zantac 150mg pills $115.00 however, when learning how to live frugally it is best never to overlook the basic needs in life and set aside some money for that, before you can think of the extras. Can one even think of doing without food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and if there are children of school going age, schooling for them? I zantac 150mg pills $115.00 should think, not. These are essentials in life and even with frugal living; one has to first and foremost take those into consideration when balancing household finances. Saving on Food The most basic necessity in life, living frugally or not, we all need to eat. That does not mean you have to order pizza every night or buy everything at the supermarket every week. You can cut down on the pricy but unhealthy fast food and stop ordering from outside. Instead, prepare meals at home and eat sensibly. If you have enough space, why not try to plant some vegetable and herbs in your back yard? That could save you a lot. Do your food shopping when there are give away offers and use coupons whenever possible. Remember that every cent counts at the end of the day. Saving on Shelter Shelter, you cannot do without. However, that does not mean you have to live in the priciest area in the city or go for the most modern looking house. If things are really bad, you can opt to live even in a caravan until your circumstances change. If possible, move to an area where the cost of living is not too high or share a larger house with another family. Water, electricity and gas also count. Use these utilities sparingly and without waste for frugal living. Saving on Clothing This is one are we can really cut down on but don’t. Especially women feel that they simply have to buy the pair of shoes they saw or the amazing looking scarf displayed in the window; even when they can’t afford it. Isn’t it much better to buy two pairs of shoes from a thrift shop or a second hand shop? You can find some really great bargains at these places and even at garage sales; if you only take the time to look around. Cut down on unessential clothing as much as possible. No one will die for the want of the latest Gucci hand bag, I’m sure. Saving on Health & Medicine Cut down on unnecessary medical expenses by living healthily. Living frugally will certainly not harm your health. In fact, eating a balanced diet without too much sugar and fat can only be good for you. Exercise at home; you don’t always have to [zantac 150mg pills $115.00] go to the gym for that. If you have to take medicine for some ailment… do it. Don’t ever cut back on your blood pressure pills or other life saving medications. Living frugally does not mean cutting back on your health needs. As you can see there are any number of ways of learning how to live frugally without putting your life on hold. Live frugally but sensibly and before long your new life style will not only make you feel free of stress but healthier as a result. [caption id="attachment_762" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="How to live frugally"]How to live frugally[/caption]

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