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I know it's way off topic but just wanted to take a moment to talk about rising gas prices. Yes it sucks to have to shell (no pun intended) out all of that money on a regular basis. Gas prices have had a big impact on our cost of living and it unfortunately effects people who have a lower income the most. The problem is that this product that gas companies are selling is pretty much killing our planet. I'm not one to be overly concerned about the environment but the recent changes in weather and climate are starting to become scary. Sea levels are rising, which threatens people living on the coast. Arctic ice is melting and animals there are dying, the sea surface is warming which will kill many sea animals that are dependant on a cooler temperature. We are seeing heavier rainfalls and more destructive storms, farming conditions are changing. . . the list goes on. Zerit 40mg pills $82.00 sadly, this damage to our earth is not enough for us to do what needs to be done to fix it, i think that we are more motivated by money and what's in it for us as individuals rather than what's good for our planet and our future. Even though we know we are polluting our children’s world, we still continue to do it. That's how dependant we are on this zerit 40mg [zerit 40mg pills $82.00] pills $82.00 fuel, it's almost as if we're addicted to it! Because of all of this zerit 40mg pills $82.00, I don't see high prices as being a totally bad thing because it may force us to change faster. If I have to sacrifice my hard earned money in return for some motivation to change my ways then I think it's well worth it. I think high gas prices will be good for us in the end. I know that it's motivated me to think about investing in a hybrid. Whatever the alternative option is I'm in! I am now done rambling. . . you may return to internet business blogging.

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