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As some may already know, I wanted to build a little directory for blogs. Mostly for [zocor 5mg pills $172.00] the fun of it zocor 5mg pills $172.00, as I would get to see a bunch of new blogs. But also to see if I could make it successful. By that I mean some people zocor 5mg pills $172.00 might actually use it for something other than a place to put a link back to their blog. So now I have finally decided to put some time into it. I'm going to try and add 10 or so blogs a day as I need to review each one first. Zocor 5mg pills $172.00 the descriptions of the blogs in the directory are going to be written by me so i need to look at them to form an opinion. Now I am sure I will get to everyone on MyBlogLog who is a member of foximus, or one of my friends. But, if you have a site, or know of a site that should be included please let me know. Just use our . It does not matter what tyoe of blog it is, and it does not have to be good. If it's adult, please let me know in the e-mail so I only open it when I am alone, late at night, after a few drinks. . . Anyway, any help would be appreciated, and I'll let you all know the URL once there is at least enough stuff in there to look at.

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